Evaldo Albuquerque (Agora) – 7 Figure Copy Camp

Evaldo Albuquerque (Agora) – 7 Figure Copy Camp — Free download


What Some are Calling… “The Best Copy Training Ever!”
You’re just moments away from claiming access to the 7-Figure Copy Camp…
And discover a new way of writing copy that has sold over $120 million in the last two years alone.
It’s 30 modules that will revolutionize the way you write copy.

Here’s just a fraction of what you’ll learn…

  • The 2-Step formula to generate million-dollar ideas. It’s so simple you’ll think it can’t be true, but it’s why people around our office call Evaldo “an idea machine.”
  • Have an idea but don’t know if it’s any good? It’s simple, if it checks these 3 boxes, it’s a good idea. If it fails to check even one of them, it’s a guaranteed bomb and you’re wasting your time.
  • How to turn any bland, boring and ordinary thing into an exciting new mechanism that will basically force your prospect to open their wallet and give you their credit card.
  • How a productivity hack used in every single major Navy Seal mission can help you write copy faster than you ever thought possible. I’ve seen Evaldo writing blockbuster copy in as little as one week using this trick.
  • How to write the entire structure of your sales letter in less than 5 minutes.
  • How to instantly put your prospects in an emotional state of mind with the little-known ABT secret.
  • And much more.


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