AWAI – Copywriter’s Six-Figure Design Library

AWAI – Copywriter’s Six-Figure Design Library
“Cut and Paste” Your Way to an Extra $24,000 Per Year.
Would you turn up your nose to an extra $1000 per copywriting project? Not many copywriters would.

With our new program, the Copywriter’s Six-Figure Design Library, you’ll be able to charge anywhere between $1000 and $7500 extra per project. That’s because you’ll be able to layout a professional-looking promotional package-doing nothing more than cutting and pasting-and charge top dollar for it.
We know that copywriters who also offer design services make more money-sometimes much more. So we turned to an industrial designer, Lori Haller, to find out how we could make this strategy something that every copywriter can take advantage of. including you.


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